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The Witch Lyrics
Everyone dies, Edward Bloom. But your death is glorious. Let me show you.

(Edward Bloom)
Why would I want to see how I die'

What's your concern'
Are you scared of
Hearing one thing new
When you could learn
Something secret that could
Help you through
In one good turn
I can show you
Counterfeit from true
Life begins
When you know how it ends

And yours is no ordinary life.

You become important
You're the bravest man around
You're the kind with virtue
Always finding common ground
You climb each hill
In front of you
Without a suffering sound
Compassionate and warm
The calm in any storm

(Other Witches)
So, take a chance

Let me show you
How your days unfold

(Other Witches)
And in advance

You and me can play
The hand you hold
When you gamble
Then you get the gold

(Other Witches)
Life begins when you know
How it ends

Don't believe
The fairytales

That say life is a breeze
Every man must face a trial
That brings him to his knees
But let me share a magic truth
A proof of all that thrives

The ones who face their fears
Lead the most interesting lives

(Other Witches)
Interesting lives
Interesting lives!!

So tell me what you want

(Edward Bloom)
I want a big life

And tell me what you see

(Edward Bloom)
I see a road

And tell me where it goes

(Edward Bloom)
In one direction

So, don't you want to see what's next
What's waiting in the void
You may be disappointed
But you may be overjoyed'

(Other Witches)
Ooh ooh ooh ooh'


(All Witches)
Don't be sad
Don't be scared

Be alert
Be prepared
Take a breath
Take it slow
Let uncertainty go
When you know
How it ends you begin

(Other Witches)
When you try

You can fly

(Other Witches)

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