Naughty But Nice Lyrics

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Naughty But Nice Lyrics

As a mousey little hen
I will nine times out of ten,
Being proper come a cropper
When I operate with men.
As a maiden most demure
I'm becoming I am sure,
More discerning,
Full of learning,
With a yearning for l'amour.


Wanna be naughty, naughty but nice,
See if I'm made of sugar and spice;
To all convention I call out "Gangway!"
I confess that I wanna care less than Eva Tanguay.
Gladly I'd chance the stares of a few
If I could dance the Bunny Hug, too,
Suppose a stranger should arrange a tête à tête,
While he becomes pleasant across a hot pheasant,
I'll put the whole thing on ice,
That's if I'm naughty, not very naughty,
Just sort o' naughty but nice.

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