Shout Lyrics by OONA

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OONA - Shout Lyrics
I don't drive no fancy car
No diamond ring, no big cigar
And i still play my first guitar.....
I don't mind it, i like it

Always worn the hand-me-downs
Sometimes we'd pass the best around
No silver spoon found in the mouth
No that's not how we get down

I thought that i'd be real smart
And pay my bills by credit cards
And now i owe 2,000 dollars
I don't know how i'm gonna pay that off

If you want those fancy things
Gonna take hard work and discipline
It was my mother who told me this, oh yes
And this is what she said

Oh baby girl, look out now all that gltters isn't gold the real shine is in your soul oh baby girl, hold onthey'd love to make a fool out of youdon't you never ever let 'em get you

In your slick designer threads
I'm in my thrift store kicks instead
I'm stopping traffic i'm turning heads
All the money in the world won't buy you this

So put your fancy fringe aside
Feathers and the leather every thing that we buy
Baby girl there's been so much more to life
So don't you worry - it's alright....

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