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Let Me Walk Among You Lyrics
I know you hate me. But if you could only see me the way I see all of you...

Look at all your faces. Children, husbands, wives.
God, you're all so beautiful. I envy you your lives.
Going to work, building your schools, throwing a football
or swimming in pools.
Out in the sun, living by rules, I could learn how if you'd teach me the tools...
I know I'm strange, so help me change, please.

Let me walk among you. Let me show my face.
I could learn to live with you, I can earn my place.
I will move a mountain; your wish is my command.
And some day you may want to shake my hand.

I will paint your houses. I'll milk your cows at dawn.
I will do your laundry and I will mow your lawn.
Let me file your taxes. I am a CPA!
And maybe then you'll shake my hand someday.
I can grow a champion rose, or teach a yoga class.
I myself designed these clothes. I can do my part.
Must I die then with my nose still pressed against the glass?
But if you'd shake my hand, well, thats a start.
Yes, thats a start. Look in your heart!

And let me join your carpool- No! Let me drive the car!
Let me throw a barbeque or join you at the bar.
Come and watch the ballgame, I'll bake a pecan pie!
And I will shake your hand when you drop by.
Oh, bring me to your churches and met me look inside,
Bring me to your weddings and let me kiss the bride!

Thank you all for listening... thats... all I had to say.

But please will someone shake my hand?
Won't somebody take my hand?
Let just one person shake my hand!

ALL: Okay
BAT BOY: Okay?
ALL: Okay!
BAT BOY: Okay?
ALL: Okay!
BAT BOY: Okay?
Praise God, the sheep has returned to the fold.
And the prodigal son has come in from the cold!

BAT BOY: So like the prophets were told

ALL: In the days of old! Make a joyful noise, my soul!
Make a joyful noise, my soul!

BAT BOY AND ALL: Make some noise! (Make some noise!)
Make some noise! (Make some noise!)
Hallelujah- my soul is whole!
Sing it loud! (Sing it proud)
Sing it strong- all night long!

ALL: Make a joyful noise- a joyful noise my soul!
A joyful noise my soul!
A joyful noise my soul!
A joyful noise-
my soul!
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