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Merci, Madame Lyrics
Aimable: Genevieve, Genevieve! Look around! Well, do you like it?
Genevieve: I think I like it!
Did you hear that - she likes it! Did you hear that, Pompom?
My darling says she likes it --- Did you hear that, Pompom?
Can you see her face is shining and her eyes give off a light?
Bright as the moon is bright...

Come take a little look at our bakery, a little look at our house.
Other men might look at that sight, and only see a house.
But I can see something better, than the emperor’s place in Rome
Ask me what....
Genevieve: All right, what?
I can see ... a home! Merci, madame, merci, madame
You make a home for us, Pompom and I agree, madame.
It’s heaven just to watch you dust or hear the oven slam. - Merci, merci, madame!
I know exactly what you are thinking. Exactly what’s on your mind,
you’re looking around thinking we’ve found the best place we could find.
But I can imagine someplace I would rather be, it’s true. Ask me where
Genevieve: All right, where?
Here...a little closer to you. To say merci, madame! Merci, madame!
If you are there, then that is where I want to be, madame
Sit on my lap and I’m as happy as a giant clam. Merci, merci, madame.
Ah, oui, merci, madame
Merci, madame
The past is past, and now at last
It’s you and me, madame.
The past is past, and now at last
I’m feeling safe and sure
Merci, merci
Et vous, monsieur
You too, monsieur

How true, monsieur
And now at last
I’m feeling safe and sure
Merci, merci
I’ve got a little lift in my outlook, a little lift in my step.
Darling, I mean, when have you seen a man with so much pep?
And suddenly I can do things, other men my age can’t do
Ask me how.... „All right how?“ I caught youth from you...

Merci, madame, merci madame
The years just drop and they won’t stop while you’re with me, madame
It seems your age is as contagious as a case of flu Look at this.... Look at that....
I’ve got a new life, a new wife, and someday, if maybe We could have a baby.
What else is there to say Besides merci, madame....? Merci, beaucoup?

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