If I Have To Live Alone Lyrics - The Baker's Wife Soundtrack

The Baker's Wife Soundtrack Lyrics

If I Have To Live Alone Lyrics
The house seems smaller since she's been gone.
The lights stay dim and the shutters drawn.
But the clock keeps running and time runs on,
and there's time enough has flown
if I have to live alone.

The leaves still rustle, the wind still whines;
the sun shines colder but still it shines.
I do my living between the lines
like the silent times I've known
when I had to live alone.

Before I knew her I had my ways
to fill the hours, to kill the days.
Have a meal at the cafe
ev'ry night at ten;
take a walk, take a nap, perhaps a card game now and then.
I've lived alone before and I can do it again.
I still hear laughter, I still see stars, and if it's true that a smile comes hard,
well, that's the reason that God made scars, to protect us once they've grown.
Let them harden now like stone,
let them harden now like stone
if I have to live alone

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