Any-Day-Now Day Lyrics - The Baker's Wife Soundtrack

The Baker's Wife Soundtrack Lyrics

Any-Day-Now Day Lyrics
Come on and fill up your glasses, let’s drink a toast
Here’s to the person you love the most.
Mine may be missing ... but let it coast.
And on with the beer, and off with the foam
Let’s drink to that any-day-now day
When she comes home....

Oh, it’s probably tomorrow I’ll welcome her back
I’m sure it’s so soon that I don’t keep track
I even think this time she might unpack.
So bring me a glass, no, make it an urn
Let’s drink to that Any-day-now day.
She will return!

I close my eyes and see her climbing the hill
Or scurring down the steps again
Not for one moment do I doubt she will
But I wish I knew when - so I could be ready...

Getting everything sparkling, everything nice.
Cake in the oven, champagne on ice.
And much as I hate to, I may shave twice
So what do you know?
Hey, what do you say?
Shall we drink to that
Any-day-now day
Now that’ll be the day!

So won’t you join me in a snifter or two?
Won’t somebody match me pound for pound?
Whereever she is, she’d worry if she knew
We were moping around , so to keep her happy...

Let’s have one for good measure, and one fust for spite
And one for the road that she’s on tonight
We’ll keep the home fires burning bright
With a little more help, from the Beaujolais
As we drink to that Any-day-now day
Now that’ll be the day!

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