Nobody's Bigger Than A Giant Lyrics

The Backyardigans Soundtrack Lyrics

Nobody's Bigger Than A Giant Lyrics
Nobody's bigger than a giant
nobody's quite as large as me
nobody's bigger than a giant
I'm humongous, wouldn't you agree

I'm large, I'm huge,
enormous, tall and grand
I can pick up your whole house
and hold it, in my hand

I'm wider than a valley
and taller than a tower
I can lift an apple tree
and sniff it like a flower

I'm vast, immense
happy and gigantic
I'm bigger than the oceans
pacific and atlantic

my hands can reach the planets
my nose can reach the clouds
and when I stomp my giant feet
the sound is really loud

refrain scene with castle...


I'm large, I'm huge
spacious and collossal
I can pick up a dump truck
and park it, in my nostril

I'm roomy as a stadium
more sprawling than a city
next to me a skyscraper
appears quite itty-bitty

I'm vast, immense,
ample and inflated
I can cover up the sun
and keep the whole world shaded

If you care to meet me
you'll like me from the start
'cause nothing on me's larger
than, my big old giant heart

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