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A View From the Top Soundtrack Lyrics

Tamara Walker - Everywhere I Look, There's You Lyrics

A view like from the top
Always believin'
In dreams inside my heart that I was reachin'
When I wish upon a star
A pot of gold was never far away

I acted like a fool
Thinkin' I have made it
To hide my loneliness, I had to fake it
But at last I saw the light
When you came into my life
Makin' all my feelings over flow

Now everything I do, there you are
And my greatest wish
Is to hold you in my heart
I feel your spirit lifted me
That special gift is all I see is true
Everywhere I look There's you

If the whole world comes apart
And it starts to shatter
And we loose everything
What does it matter?
And if you stayed with me
That's all I'll ever need
You're the one who gives me strength
And hope for tomorrow
(Repeat Chorus:)

Tell me you loved me
Forever and ever
Sharin' life together
(Repeat Chorus:)

I feel your spirit lifted me
That specialgift is all I see is true

Ooh Ooh
Everywhere I look there's you

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