The Way That You Do Lyrics by Ross Lynch

Austin & Ally Soundtrack Lyrics

Ross Lynch - The Way That You Do Lyrics
Sometimes it feels like you lost your swag.
You gotta 'Kick Me' sign covering the skills that you have.
And it all looks wrong when your looking down.
You get dizzy doing 360's and you can't break out

You know when you feel that you ain't all that
Just don't forget that i got your back
Now turn up the beat and bump that track
(bump that track)
Yeah !

Nobody rocks it the way that you do
You gotta stop pop your collar, Cause your all kinds of cool
Your legit your the boss even when the mic is off
Nobody rocks it r-rocks it the way that you do

No oh oh oh oh the way that you do
Your off the charts, your number 1,
You got the fire so keep burning it upppppppp !


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