When He Was My Beau Lyrics by Anne & Gilbert Cast

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Anne & Gilbert Cast - When He Was My Beau Lyrics
Once Upon A Time
I Was Young Like You
Hard For You To Picture
Me The Ingenue
And There Was A Man
And I Made Him Go
Life Was So Much Sweeter
When He Was My Beau

We Had Bitter Words
I Forget What For
I Was Full Of Pride Then
I Showed Him To The Door
And Oh My Tongue Was Sharp
And I Hurt Him So
All My Life I've Wished That
He Were Still My Beau

Open Up Your Eyes
And See The Man Who's Waited
Open Up Your Heart
He Loves You, He's Your Friend
What I Have To Say May Be Dusty
Perhaps It's Dated
Stubborness Can Lead To A Bad Bad End

Don't Make My Mistake
Don't Let Him Slip Away
When He Weds Another
Your Heart Will Pay And Pay
Everybody Sees
Surely You Must Know
You're Meant To Be Together
He's Meant To Be Your Beau
For Love That's Turned Aside
Can Melt Like Falling Snow
I Think He's Destined For You
Born To Be Your Beau.

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