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Anne & Gilbert Cast - Hello Gilbert! Lyrics
Hello Gilbert, hello Gil
I was just passin' by
Awful nice to find you, it's quite a little thrill
To see you givin' me the eye

Hello Gilbert, my old Pal
You're lookin' pretty fit today
Nothin' gives me joy like seeing my favourite boy
Covered in the salty spray

Hello Josie, my old friend
What an unexpected treat
The water's pretty cold, I wouldn't recommend it
Keep your slippers on your feet

No, no, no, no, no

No, no, Josie
Don't come in
The undertow is bad today
Just the slightest blunder, it would pull you under
You better run the other way

Hey Gilbert, whatcha wearin'?
Is your bathing costume new?
Say it looks a little daring
Come on out and show me
I will hold your towel for you

Josie, did you follow me?
How'd you know that I was here?

Oh, it isn't like that
I would never do that
But aren't you glad to see me, Gilbert dear?

Listen, Josie
You're just grand, but you know I'm spoken for
I'm a desperate man, but if I can't have Anne
I'll be a bachelor forevermore

Ah, Gilbert
Why don't you face it?
She don't care a fig for you
You've a sad look, I could erase it
I'm the kind of girl who'd do what Anne would never do

Go on, Josie
Have a heart
You know I've heard it all before
So close your pretty eyes
And turn your pretty head
And let me come back on the shore

Oh, Gilbert!

The lobsters are declaring war!

You come and see me

Let me come back on the shore


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