Averil's Ideal Reprise Lyrics by Anne & Gilbert Cast

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Anne & Gilbert Cast - Averil's Ideal Reprise Lyrics
Anne, you have won the Rollings Reliable baking powder literary competition

But there isn't a word in Averil's Ideal about baking powder

Oh, I put that in it was easy as a wink

Now Averil never made mistakes
When she whipped up her honey cake
Rollings Reliable baking powder
insured great success
One rainy night she met a man
and gave him one hot from the pan
She fell in love
and soon she wore
a long white wedding dress
Never a bride so gay
Rollings saved the day
There had to be a tree
there had to be some cake
Cause hero's always long for
A lady who can bake
And she had found her dream
A gentleman,genteel
riliable as Rollings
Was Averil's ideal

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