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Anne & Gilbert Cast - Averil's Ideal Lyrics
Diana: Oh Anne, Averil's Ideal is my favorite thing of everything you've written

Anne: Mine too.

When Averil Was A Sweet Young Thing
Her Friends Were Always Whispering
Of Beaux They'd Had And Beaux To Come
But Averil Kept Her Peace
For She Knew There Was More To Life
Than Settling Down As Someone's Wife
She Might Be Lonely, This She Knew
But She Had Things To Do
This Was Her Caprice
Averil Kept Her Peace

When Averil Was But Seventeen
A Handsome Lad Came On The Scene
And He Was Smart And Fair And Kind
But Averil Turned Away
The Signs Were Wrong, She Wanted More
Why He Was Just The Boy Next Door
And She Could Only Find Romance
In Perfect Circumstance
Just Like In A Play
Averil Turned Away

There Had To Be A Tree
There Had To Be Some Rain
A Stranger Would Appear
Exotic And Urbane
And Averil Would Know
And Averil Would Feel
This Gentleman Was Truly

It truly IS my most romantic story!

All except that part about Averil being an old maid for sixty years till she finally meets

The 'Dream Man.'
That might be all right for you, you're always going to be divinely slim.
I'm going to be fat!


Well, I am. My Mother is fat! Every single one of my Aunt's is fat!
There's nothing romantic about a fat old maid!

(Meaning the manuscript;)
I want you to keep it.

I'll treasure it always.
But Anne, would you REALLY wait sixty years for some 'ideal man?'
Gilbert seems like an awfully good compromise to me!

I Think I'd Need A Tree
And Yes, I'd Want Some Rain
And He'd Be Standing There
Exotic And Urbane
And In A Flash I'd Know
And In A Flash I'd Feel
I Guess I'd Be Like Averil
Finding My Ideal
And In A Flash I'd Know
And In A Flash I'd Feel
I Guess I'd Be Like Averil
Finding My Ideal

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