The World from Way Up Here Lyrics by Alison Krauss

Annabelle's Wish Soundtrack Lyrics

Alison Krauss - The World from Way Up Here Lyrics
Wish I may
Wish I might
On my favorite star
Let me feel let me see
The world from where you are
Someday soon mister moon
I will touch your face
I'll flutter by
Lady butterfly challenging us to a chase

Round and round and up and down no boundaries no fear
My heart was born to dream to see
The world from way up here

Mountain high valley low
Where the wind is free
I will feel I wll know
The world the angels see
Mister sun I will run
Rings around your sky
And down below they'll finally know
That this heart was made to fly


Way up here playing hide and seek in rainbows
Way up here where i'm supposed to be

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