Annabelle's Wish Soundtrack Lyrics

Annabelle's Wish Lyrics

From the Album: Annabelle's Wish Soundtrack (1997) (buy at
Annabelle's Wish
Dorff, Steve - Annabelle's Wish
Alison Krauss - The World from Way Up Here
Dolly Parton - Silent Night
Dorff, Steve - Fast Friends
Beth Nielsen Chapman, Randy Travis - Friends Like Us
Bettis, John - Tiny Dreamer
Dorff, Steve - Checking His List
Bettis, John - If You Believe
Bettis, John - There's No Place Like Home
Dorff, Steve - Runaway Sleigh
Dorff, Steve - Just a Dream
Dolly Parton - Something Bigger Than Me
Bettis, John - Annabelle Gets Her Wish
Bettis, John - World from Way Up Here (Reprise)

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