Change Lyrics

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Change Lyrics
(Written by William Finn)

Pennies or nickels or dimes.
we live in perilous times.
I don't aks you to treat me nice
I'm not asking for pleasant conversation.
I'm not asking for paradise.
all I'm asking for is change.

Hate me but don't kick my shins.
I'm where your kindness begins.
Please, folks, do not spend time with me.
I won't ask you to treat me like your mother.
I'm not asking for sympathy
All I'm asking for is change.

Change the government, kill the mayor.
It's not fair how lives evaporate
change the system
that made us what we are
I don't ask for hugs.
just need money to by more drugs
and if you folks pay, i'll go away.

people walk by me with glee.
I am what they'll never be.
I don't ask you to tip your hat.
I don't ask that you notice what I'm wearing.
I could care less for things like that.
All I'm asking for is change.

Pennies or nickels or dimes
We live in perilous times.

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