Downtime Lyrics by Fat

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Fat - Downtime Lyrics
Oh no, I said it never will happen to me
But I see what I see you know I need to be
Put down, set free
Somebody please put me out of misery
Give me a place where I know I can go
Into your arms, I don't think so!
Anger, weakness, self-pity keep me warm at night when sleep attracts me

I shoulda kept you out
I said I shoulda kept you out
I said out
I shoulda kept yo out
Why didn't I keep you out?
Oh, I would have done anything for you
If you had wanted me to
Oh, I would have done anything for you
If you had wanted me to
So where do you go when you see that you're free?
Cuz I can run all I want but you'll still be a part of me
I need to deal with the downtime
I guess I just use it to heal and put you down on my mind
I can't get it out of my head that you're sad
And believe as I live and I breathe
That you've forsaken what we had
And you can say you're very sad
And you hear that we are through
And it's that you and me are going
And now you're going to tell me what to do


Anything you ever wanted, I would have done for you
Anything you wanted
Do ya remember what you told me
You changed my life now you sold me
Down the river
You said you'd cry
If I was the one to leave your side
I can't take it
I won't give it a chance
I'll make it even worse by sittin'
Sticking around just to see what you've found
Help me!
I just need a friend cuz I know it'll happen again and again and then again
Cuz everyday I'm so afraid that I'll let you in again
If you should ever come my way


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