Killing Spree Lyrics

American Psycho the Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Killing Spree Lyrics
(Music and Lyrics by Duncan Sheik)

December slides into January, which mutates into February, which creeps towards March.
There is a theory that obliterating Paul might have... satisfied something.
But no, no. I've continued to have intense dreams about vivisection.
My nightly blood-lust continues to overflow.

Hey pretty girl,
Do you wanna dance?
Do you wanna get lucky?
Well this is your chance.
The drinks are on me.
Can I be frank?
I'm doing quite well at my investment bank.
What do you do, what do you do for a living?
No, don't answer that. I don't care, I'm just kidding.
You can ignore my friends at the bar,
They're trying to score,
But they never get far.

Patrick, I thought we were supposed to be having dinner tonight?
I thought we had reservations at Raw.Space?

Sorry Evelyn, I had to rent some videotapes- I mean,
I had to RETURN some videotapes- I mean,
I had to kill this fag and his fag dog on 67th Street.

Oh Mr Bateman! Have I ever told you, I just ADORE your sense of humour!

That was some girl, I forget her name,
She thinks we're in love,
Does she think I'm insane?
She's not important,
Just kind of annoying.
That's a fine chardonnay you're not enjoying.
Oh never mind, let's quit this dive,
My white M3 is parked outside.
I'll call my dealer,
His product is clean,
Fuck! I don't wanna drive,
Let's get a limousine!

LUIS CARRUTHERS (on phone): Hey you, it's me--

PATRICK BATEMAN (impersonating answerphone):
BEEP! You have reached Patrick Bateman's number.
He is unable to come to the phone right now.
So.. please leave a message... after the tone.

LUIS CARRUTHERS: Oh Patrick! You don't think I'd recognise your real voice?

PATRICK BATEMAN: Leave me the fuck alone Luis, or I will decapitate you.

I hear the words you're saying, but you need to hear my words. I love you--

Oh this is rich,
I shouldn't say,
But this guy at work is totally gay.
And that's all cool-
To each his own,
But some guy's ass is not what I bone.
I'm bored, let's roll,
Let's go back to my place,
Have an after party, I can eat your face.
Don't be nervous, invite your friends.
The night is young... but it all depends...

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