Hardbody Lyrics

American Psycho the Musical Soundtrack Lyrics

Hardbody Lyrics
(Music and Lyrics by Duncan Sheik)

I like 'em like that.
I like a hard body.
I bet that after this class,
She teaches dirty karate.

GUY 2:
I like 'em like that.
I like a hard body.
The curve of her ass,
I guess it's not too shoddy.

I like 'em like that.
I like a hard body.
She keeps a tiny rig,
But you know she's naughty.

Hey boy, stop talking like you got me.
Ya gotta impress me and I like a hard body.

Hey boy, you think that you can have me?
Stop staring at me, work your hard body.

We like 'em like that.
We like hard bodies. *don't do it.
When she gets wet, she won't be so haughty.

We like 'em like that / We like 'em like that.
We like hard bodies / We like hard bodies
We want to taste their... / We want to taste their...


COURTNEY: What's the rest of your day like?

PATRICK: Ah...the gym. Then meetings. A show with Evelyn, if we can get tickets.

COURTNEY: Phantom?

PATRICK: No. Les Miz.

COURTNEY: Right. It's long, but good.

PATRICK: Oh, you've seen it?

COURTNEY: Luis took me last week. Listen, Patrick.
As much as I relish these afternoon trysts, we need to stop.

PATRICK: And why would we do that?
COURTNEY: Well, because, I was talking to my therapist...

PATRICK: Oh, God, uh-huh....yeah.....and what did he tell you to do?

COURTNEY: Ok, first of all, my therapist is a woman...

PATRICK: Oh, Goddammit, great...

COURTNEY: ....and I was talking to her about you.
And she thinks you might be bringing too much negativity into my life.

PATRICK: Uh huh, I see. So, because your therapist tells you to break up with....

COURTNEY: ...it's not just that. So...don't you feel guilty?

PATRICK: Why would I feel guilty?

COURTNEY: Because I'm your girlfriend's best friend.

PATRICK: Oh, by that reasoning, you should feel guilty too!

COURTNEY: I do. Not to mention, Luis is starting to suspect.

PATRICK: Oh God. Luis is....is....

COURTNEY: Don't you call him a faggot.

PATRICK: A DORK, I was going to say. A twit. Hey listen, I'm doing a survey of the women I fuck.
Is it my muscles that excite you or the heft of my cock?

COURTNEY: Are you listening to me? We're stopping.
We're betraying Evelyn. We're betraying Luis.

PATRICK: Let me ask you Courtney. Hypothetically....if something were to happen to Luis,
an accident say, or a violent crime and he were out of the picture. Would you be upset?

COURTNEY: I can't answer that. It's too morbid. I'd be devastated.

PATRICK: Fine. Awesome.

COURTNEY: I hope things won't be weird between us now.
I hope we can go back to being friends.

PATRICK: Courtney, and please, don't take this the wrong way.
You're a babe. But no sex is worth this bullshit.

COURTNEY: Fuck you, Asshole.


I always knew that.
He wants to want me.
He can't decide and so he taunts me.

He was lost for words.
When I caught his eye.
Now he knows, he's my kind of guy.

Oh boy, I felt his rock hard abs.
I didn't even have to ask and it's happening at last.

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