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Little Night Music Soundtrack Lyrics

Now/Later/Soon Lyrics
Soon, Later... Now,
I promise. When is later? As the sweet imbecilities
Soon, All you ever hear is Trip on my trouser leg,
I won't shy away, "Yes, we know, Henrik, Stendhal elimanates A...
Oh, Henrik,
Dear old-- Everyone agrees,
Henrik, please,
Soon, As I've
I want to. Often stated,
Whatever you say. When? But when?
Even now, Maybe Maybe

When you're close Soon, soon, Later,
And we touch, I'll be ninety When I'm kissing your brow
And you're kissing And dead.
My brow And I'm stroking your head,
I don't mind it I don't mind it
Too much. Too much. You'll come into my bed.
And you'll have to Since I have to And you have to
Admit Admit Admit
I'm endearing, I find peering I've been hearing
I help Through life's All those tremulous cries,
Keep things humming, Grey windows
Impatiently Patiently
I'm not Not Not
Domineering-- Very cheering. Interfering
What's one Do I fear death? With those tremulous thighs.
Small shortcoming? Let it come to me Come to me
And think of Now, Soon,
How I adore you,
Think of Now, Soon,
How much you love me.
If I were perfect Now, Soon,
For you,
Wouldn't you Now... Soon...
Tire of me
Later? Come to me soon, Come to me soon,
We will, If I'm dead Straight to me,
Later. I can wait. Never mind how.
We will, How can I live Darling, now--
Soon... Until later? I still want and/or
Later... Love you,
Later... Now as always,

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