Agent Cody Banks Soundtrack Lyrics

Agent Cody Banks Lyrics

From the Album: Agent Cody Banks Soundtrack (2003) (buy at

The K.G.B. - Fortune And Fame
Butch Walker - My Way (Remix)
New World Idols - Uptown Girl
Papa Dee - I Spy
Askil Holm - Seven Days In The Sun
The K.G.B. - I'm A Player
Katy Rose - Teaching Myself To Dream
Grand Skeem - Sucka MC's
The K.G.B. - Ain't No Fakin' The Funk
Janyelle - What's Real
Infinite Mass - Super Bad Ghetto Spy
Junk - Life Is Good
John Powell - Chasing Cody/The CIA
John Powell - Cody The Spy/Girl School

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