Underdogs Lyrics by Liz Featuring Riff Raff

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Liz Featuring Riff Raff - Underdogs Lyrics
There's that tall poppy
Gotta mow her down
Blonde b**ch, who she think she is?
This my town
Who she tryna be?
Where she get her sound?
Woof woof I'm the big dog
I'll sniff you out

[Verse 1]
You push 'til you get your rush
'Til you spill my sugar and pour me out
You shoot, try to taste my blood
But all you're gonna get is double rainbows
In your mouth

Later on you'll say you knew me
But you're not my homie, you're just a ho
You'll ride my shiny pony
But guess what, b**ch
I'm a unicorn
b**ch I'm a unicorn

f**k this, I'm gonna tell the truth now
Put last of everyone
Why should I leave it up to you now
When you don't ride for underdogs
The f**ks up?
I think you needs slow down
Let's keep it trill for real
Why should I leave it up to you now?
Cause you don't ride for me, no
You don't ride for underdogs

[Verse 2]
"Who that white girl?
Who she think she is?
Mobbin' in the scr*per
Ridin' 'round gettin' it
She gotta gold chain
Where she get that from?
On the block b**ch
I get mines, I'm slangin' bruhs


[verse 3: Riff Raff]
Smokin' in the bathroom
Never been a bouncer
White syrup
Serving like a waiter
Rap game alligator, rap game elevator
Inside my house Elizabeth Taylor wallpaper
Red monkey genes, rap game Crocodile Dundee in my dungarees
Drag your b**ch to my bat cave
These are dungeon treats
I'm in my backyard on a tire swing

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