Diamonds Lyrics by Y'akoto

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Y'akoto - Diamonds Lyrics
You're too busy seeing what you want to see
And you're tied up in a vision, far away from reality
Why dont you let this be what they want to be
Cannot change everything to satisfactory
Know what you can achieve
without thinking about what you need

Refrain (2x):
Crack the code
live your life
live it good
live it right
crack the code unlock your safe
the diamonds are yours
the diamonds of live

If you can't ease
just give yourself a good treat
and feel yourself out
its you and nobody else
who can crack your code to freedom

- Refrain -

Find the peace of mind
live your own life
what do others say
is it negavtive
well then push it away
if its positive
well then enjoy it
even if its useful critique
now learn how to use it

Expand your mind
think about what you would find if you...

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