Love Machine Part I Lyrics by The Miracles

54 vol.1 Soundtrack Lyrics

The Miracles - Love Machine Part I Lyrics
Oh, yeah....

(I,I,) I'm just a love machine and I won't work for nobody but you
(I,I ) I'm just a love machine ....
A hugging kissing fiend

[Verse # 1]
I think it's high time you knew
Whenever I think of you
My mind blows a fuse
When I lookin your eyes
My meter starts to rise
And I become confused
My motor cranked electric goes
When I'm sitting next to you
Electricity starts to flow
And my indicator starts to glow

[Repeat chorus]

I'm gentle as a lamb
I'm not that hard to program
There's no way that you can lose
Chassis fits like a glove
I've got a button for love
That you've got to use (push it push it baby)
If you look into my power
I am sure you can find out how
To turn me on just set my dial
And let me love you for a little while ooooooh

[Repeat chorus]

La... La la la la.....
La la la la.. La la La la la la la..
La la la.... La la laaaaaaaaa
Push it push it baby, yeah......ah, ah

[Repeat chorus]

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