Live To Party Lyrics by Jonas Brothers

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Jonas Brothers - Live To Party Lyrics
I was sitting at home
Watching TV all alone
So excited for re-runs
I've memorized this show

So I pick up the phone
And call everyone I know
Said theres gonna be a party
Hit the music, here we go

You gotta live to party
Bust your move
Everybody's in the groove
Tell the DJ to play my song
Are you ready to rock 'n' roll?

We were out on the floor
Then she looked at her watch
And said that it was late
Then she pulled me aside
And said she couldn't stay
(I really gotta go!)
But I begged her for one more song
Let the music play

I drove her home
And then she whispered in my ear,
"The party doesnt have to end,
We could dance here."


Live! To! Party!

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