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Original Broadway Cast - Being a Geek Lyrics
Being a geek is the lonliest thing is the world.
I gotta tell you Rabi, when you're a geek it's the lonliest thing in the world.
You're always wondering what everyone is laughing about.
And wear horrible clothes that you're mom picked out.
Nothing is worse, its a crime, it's a curse. It's the loneliest thing in the world.
You wouldn't usderstand Rabi.

Evan: Oh, I think I know somthing about it, I'm a Rabi in Indianna.

Being a geek isthe saddest event ever known. I know what I'm talking about.
And nothing says geek more than eating your lunch all alone.

Evan: Tell me about it brother.

Archie: A girl will roll her eyes and walk away when you get close.
You've got to fade.
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