The Bat Lyrics by Sunseth Midnight

Sunseth Midnight Lyrics

The Bat Lyrics
[Music: Ricardo Campos / Lyrics: Ricardo Campos & Roger Lombardi]

I am a creature lost in time
I am a figure that always hides in the dark
I am a traitor of all mankind
I am the reason why you and I have to die

And you face your fears and pray
And I face you, my dear prey
I’m in love and tied
Lost in time
I am the...

I would like to be free to love
My soul is trapped in thy hands
I would love to be yours again
I can’t love I can’t live

I am the bat

I am a cancer, a plague and the cure
I am a way out of everything that you fear
I am an image of Christ on the cross
I am a feeling that turns your flesh into sin

And you face my fears and fake
And I fake my real face
I’m odd and tired
Lost in time
I am the...




‘Cause... I’m the bat

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