Hesitate Lyrics by Stone Sour

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Hesitate Lyrics

You were my fire
so I burned
'til there was nothing left of me

I touched your face
I held you close
'til I could barely breathe

Why give me hope?
Then give me up
Just to be the death of me
Save the rest of me

Coz I see you
But I can't feel you
Anymore so go away
I need you
But I can't need you
Anymore you hesitate

Now. Now and then
You come around
Like there's something left for me

You were one
Ooh you were everything
I'm still here
But I'll just keep the rest of me


Ooh we never made up
You hesitated
ooh I don't believe that



[You were my fire
so I burned
'til there's nothing left of me]

[Thanks to alpha-knurlhiem for adding these lyrics]

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