Freeze Dry Seal Lyrics by Stone Sour

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Freeze Dry Seal Lyrics
My face is horrid and I'm constantly slouching
My place is lower and I'm constantly crouching
I don't believe it - I saw the man again
And he won't hear a word I say

I have delusions so I'm constantly shouting
I have compulsions so I'm constantly counting
I don't believe it - there goes my world again
And I don't understand a word I say

Just because I'm paranoid it doesn't mean I'm annoyed and
Just because I'm not prepared doesn't mean I'm not aware

The smoke is infinite - I'm constantly panting
The truth is imminent - I'm constantly shouting
I don't believe it - I took a chance again and
People I don't know won't let it go

I've got some problems - I'm constantly bitching
I've got some rashes I'm constantly itching
I don't believe it - forgot the pills again
I just woke up a million miles from home

Just because I seem sedate it doesn't mean I'm not irate and
Just because I'm not immune it doesn't mean I'm not scared of you

Just because I'm incomplete it doesn't mean I'm obsolete and
Just because I'm out of view doesn't mean I'm not like you

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