Jackson-Kent Blues Lyrics by Steve Miller

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Jackson-Kent Blues Lyrics
I was down in nashville just payin my dues

Headed for ohio when I read the news

bout the people demonstrating gainst the presidents views

Four were shot down by the national guard troops

Just like uncle sam I put on my fighting shoes

School shot down cause theres no more to lose

Now were headed to d.c. two by twos

Cause those low down, profound, killin four blues

Lookin for my congressman to make it well known

But the politicians already wont answer his telephone

Making in his office while theyre shooting kids down at home

Worried about the voters but he wont be worried long

Silent majority still glued to the tube

Say cia aint lookin, fbi come unglued

Shot some more in jackson just to show the world what they can do

While were marching to d.c. cause theres too much to do

Give peace a chance

Give peace a chance

Theres no turnin back my friend

Theres no turnin back

When the president said that the tear gas is gone

The armys pulled out leavin blood on the ground

The streets are empty and the cryings died down

You can be president if no ones around

Just like kow kow, youve heard it before

Get back gangster, dont you open that door

Space cowboys back to tell you the score

Nothing any good is gonna come from a war

Got those low down, profound, killin four blues

Give peace a chance

Give peace a chance

Give peace a chance

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