Something More Lyrics by Status Minor

Status Minor Lyrics

Something More Lyrics
Get out of my way
I am living my life
Got no time to stay
No more time to sacrifice

My dreams are alive
The World open to my eyes
Like Icarus'flight but
Sun won't take my wings

Oh how I look down on people
Who are afraid
To forge their destiny

What did you say?
Words like needles to my face
I'm burning with hate
The same that's behind your eyes

Pointless masquerade
Losers part in the great play
More grimace than smile
You can't buy this lie

Oh how I despite myself
I dare not to face you
To says what's real to me

I'm afraid it's too late
To get you back into my life
Our game
It failed, made us suffer
All the crimes I still hide
Have taken you so far
Should I try
If we still can have something more

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