Fade Away Lyrics by Status Minor

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Fade Away Lyrics
Hello, good morning.
Wake up and have a smile
A day to feel my life
And a story that reminds me

There's something in my past,
I can't leave or ever hide
Like ink inside my skin
I'm carrying this weight of pride

Just another day
Face the fears, I'm realizing
There's a different play
Which we can play united

But you're on the other side
I can see it now, my baby

Is there any other way
To get us re-united?
I wanna hold you in my life
I can't walk alone
Still we have something to hold on

I beg and bleed in my life
Ink and scars you can see
On my knees I cry
And wish for my dreams to fade away

In shadows in whispers
I can feel again steps beside me
Maybe another way
Through the crossroads.

But don't know where to go
This blindness in my eyes
My dreams are alive
I can feel your breath again

Maybe tomorrow
Show me the way, another way
I'm Dwelling in my sorrow
It makes me feel so sick and tired

Memories I hide
Turned my mind so dark and whispers?
It's telling me the way
Which way to go

I tried

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