Tera-Fied Lyrics by Static-X

Static-X Lyrics

Tera-Fied Lyrics
Smash it up
Draw the line
F*ck it up
Rev it up
Modulate it
Penetrate it
You and me
Me and you
See it through
Take it all the way
You make it motherf*cking hard

Put it in the slot
Breathe it all in
Take another hit
Show me what you've got
Rhythm in the head
Hold the f*cker in
Never got enough
Never got enough
Loving you to death
I put the trigger on hold

Getting me higher
Put it inside
Set it on fire

Stick it in
Do it right
Live to win
End the fight
Bleeding out
All around
Grab it as you come and shoot it
Far as you can make it go
Think of what it make you do
Take it all the way
Until you're harnessing the spark
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