Stop Then Snap Lyrics by Soulja Boy Tell 'em

Soulja Boy Tell 'em Lyrics

Stop Then Snap Lyrics
Stop Snap Then Wiggle With It Snap
Stop Snap Then Wiggle With It Snap
Stop Snap Then Wiggle With It Snap
Stop Snap Cause Soulja Boy Told Ya

Do The Motorcycle Snap

[Verse 1:]
Posted At Tha Store Me And My Folk
Buddy Talkin Crazy But He Jus Don't Kno
Gipp In The Building And We Screamin Out We Up
They Ain't Got No Money Sh** Gettem Outta Her
First Side Hype I'm On Top Of The Charts
Charts Hit The Finish Line For A Playa In The Start
Still On The Scene Still Holdin Green
And Ya Kno We Can Meet If Ya Boi Disagree


[Verse 2:]
I Got Eyes In The Streets So I Kno Who Be Talkin
Half Of The Nights Soulja Boi Sleep Walkin
Patrone But I'm Grown So I Stay On That Ex
I Stay With A Black Fitted Cap On My Head
I'm Always Ridin Always Surprisin
Summer Time Hit And I'm Goin To That Island
I'm Jus Grindin It's Me Bein Me
Don't Get Served But U Heard In The Streets


[Verse 3:]
I Got Money On My Mind
Mind On My Money
I See Them Laughin But It Ain't Nuttin Funny
I'm Gettin Out The Work Tryna Stash 6 0
They Kno Who I B Cause My Name On My Clothes
Hat To The Back Already On My Stand
Soulja Boy Gon Do The Dance
First Ya Snap Then Wiggle Then Rock
Hit The Motorcycle Then Stop

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