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Soulja Boy Tell 'em Lyrics

Inked Up Lyrics

Inked Tatted
Inked Tatted
I'm inked up I'm tatted (tatted) [x4]
Inked tatted (tatted) [x7]

I'm tatted on my arm
It's a portrait on my neck
When I take my shirt off ya girl pussy get so wet
And my favorite color green cause I'm all about paper clean white beater lime green chuck tailors
Let it be known I will X rate her
So many tattoos arm inked up in layers


Step inside the club
She want the oj with the vodka
I made her pay for it cuhz my swag is super proper
I'm so icy as beezy
I make it look easy
This girl so boss
She trace my tattoos with her tongue uhhh


What's up baby girl
I see you choosing
She like my artwork
My tattoos got her choosin (she choosin) [x4]
She dig my swag


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