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Slayer Lyrics
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From the Album Repentless (2015) (buy at

From the Album World Painted Blood / Atrocity Vendor (2010) (buy at
World Painted Blood / Atrocity Vendor

From the Album Eternal Pyre (2006) (buy at
Eternal Pyre
Eyes Of The Insane

From the Album Christ Illusion (2006) (buy at
2006 Metal Storm Award

From the Album God Hates Us All (2001) (buy at

From the Album Diabolus In Musica (1998) (buy at

From the Album Undisputed Attitude (1996) (buy at

From the Album Divine Intervention (1994) (buy at

From the Album Decade of Aggression: Live (1991) (buy at

Altar Of Sacrifice
Angel Of Death
Black Magic
Blood Red
Born of Fire
Captor Of Sin
Criminally Insane
Dead Skin Mask
Die By The Sword
Expendable Youth
Hallowed Point
Hell Awaits
Jesus Saves
Mandatory Suicide
Raining Blood
Seasons In The Abyss
South Of Heaven
Spirit in Black
The Antichrist
War Ensemble

From the Album Seasons In The Abyss (1990) (buy at

From the Album South Of Heaven (1988) (buy at

From the Album Reign In Blood (1986) (buy at

From the Album Live Undead (1985) (buy at

From the Album Hell Awaits (1985) (buy at

From the Album Haunting The Chapel (1984) (buy at

From the Album Show No Mercy (1983) (buy at

Other Songs:
Disintegration/Free Money
Free Money
Guilty Fo Being White
I Dont Want to Hear It
Memories of Tomorrow
Psychopathy Red
Sick Boy
Unguarded Instinct
Verbal Abuse

Slayer Info:

Slayer is an American thrash metal band from Huntington Park, California, formed in 1981 by guitarists Jeff Hanneman and Kerry King. Slayer rose to fame with its 1986 release Reign in Blood, and is credited as one of the "big four" thrash metal bands, along with Metallica, Megadeth and Anthrax. -Wikipedia

Huntington Park, California, U.S.

Thrash metal

Years active:

Associated acts:
Cannibal Corpse

Tom Araya – lead vocals, bass

Kerry King – guitar

Paul Bostaph – drums
(1992–1996, 1997–2001, 2013–present)

Gary Holt – guitar

Past Members:
Jeff Hanneman – guitar (1981–2013)
Dave Lombardo – drums (1982–1986, 1987–1992, 2001–2013)
Jon Dette – drums (1996–1997, 2013)

Slayer Quotes:
No, my first figure was a SLAYER eagle. And the dragons and the tribals are all I have got. I wish that I only would have done the SLAYER eagle and not the dragons ´coz I like tribals that stand out from a distance. Like you could be a snowblind in the concert and you are still gonna see it. That´s why I like about it.
-Kerry King

When something irritates me, I don´t go home and write; I just don´t do that. I write when I have to; I write when the song is done and I deal with the idea and I just go with it and I´ll become what that song is all about until I have finished it. And when you do that, it makes the song more visual, it makes it more like… personal, y´know…
-Kerry King

I don't understand anything about Rick Rubin!(laughs) Yep, it is just that we signed up with him, he puts our records out for us and Sony distributes them so, we just got a good deal going for us.
-Kerry King

It is pretty much show up with ideas and work it out yourself. Jeff usually has entire musical songs with drums and everything because he sits around and plays with his drum machine and everything but I am too lazy to do all that shit!(laughs) I just say, "Paul, here is the song, take off!"

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