Sinner Lyrics

Sinner Lyrics

From the Album Crash & Burn (2008) (buy at
Crash & Burn
Crash & Burn
Break The Silence
The Dog
Heart Of Darkness
Fist To Face
Until It Hurts
Little Head
Like A Rock

From the Album There Will Be Execution (2003) (buy at
There Will Be Execution
Higher Level Of Violence
There Will Be Execution
Requiem For A Sinner
Die On Command
Locked And Loaded
God Raises The Dead
The River
Liberty Of Death
Black Monday (Thou Does Frighten Me In Dreams)
Crown Of Thorns
Wherever I May Roam

From the Album The End Of Sanctuary (2000) (buy at
The End Of Sanctuary
Signed, Sealed & Delivered
Blood Relations
The End Of Sanctuary
Pain In Your Neck
Edge Of The Blade
The Prophecy
Congress Of Deceit
Heavy Duty
Night Of The Wolf
Broken World
Hand Of The Saint

From the Album The Nature Of Evil (1998) (buy at
The Nature Of Evil
A Question Of Honour
Some Truth (Has Better Left Unknown)
The Nature Of Evil
Calm Before The Storm
Justice From Hell
Devil's River
Searching For Your Love
Faith And Convinction
Walk On The Dark Side
Trust No One
The Sun Goes Down
Twisted Mind

From the Album Judgement Day (1996) (buy at
Judgement Day
Smoke And Mirror
Used To The Truth
Blue Tattoo
White Lightning
Judgement Day
Pray For Mercy
Jump The Gun
Streets Of Sin
School Of Hard Knocks
The Fugitive
The River Runs Dry

From the Album Dangerous Charm (1986) (buy at
Dangerous Charm
Concrete Jungle
Knife In My Heart
Dangerous Charm
Nobody Rocks Like You
Tomorrow Doesn't Matter
Fight The Fight
Back In My Arms
Desperate Heart
Last Dance

From the Album Comin' Out Fighting (1986) (buy at
Comin' Out Fighting
Faster Than Light
Comin' Out Fighting
Age Of Rock
Rebell Yell
Lost In A Minute
Don't Tell Me (That The Love Has Gone)
Germany Rocks
Playing With Fire

From the Album Touch Of Sin (1985) (buy at
Touch Of Sin
Born To Rock
Bad Girl
The Storm Broke Loose
Out Of Control
Too Late To Runaway
Hand Of Fate
Open Arms
Fast Decision

From the Album Danger Zone (1984) (buy at
Danger Zone
Danger Zone
No Place In Heaven
Scene Of A Crime
Lupo Manaro
Fast, Hard & Loud
The Shiver
Razor Blade
Shadow In The Night
Wild Winds
Outro (Dancer II)

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