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The Corner Lyrics
I am standing on the corner, I am watching traffic lights
I am sinking into concrete, I am watching two girls fight
I'm attempting to move forward but my legs are made of lead
The words you planted on me just keep running through my head

Been pushing on the button that will make the traffic stop
It's hard to be distracted when you know it's all you've got
I barely [?] as I watch you cross the line
It's hard to be affected when you're dead inside

You and I
You and I

What will I do? I cannot move
You are taking all that I knew
Here I will stay, stuck in this place
Trying to get over you

I live here on the corner, I am sucking in the fumes
It's [?] to be my choices and I cannot be improved
I'm all over the corner, all the pieces of my parts
It's time to mend the pieces of my broken heart


[Chorus x6]
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