Shining Lyrics

Shining Lyrics

From the Album Redefining Darkness (2012) (buy at
Redefining Darkness

From the Album VII: Född Förlorare (2011) (buy at
VII: Född Förlorare

From the Album VI / Klagopsalmer (2009) (buy at
VI / Klagopsalmer

From the Album Halmstad (2007) (buy at

From the Album IV: The Eerie Cold (2005) (buy at
IV: The Eerie Cold

From the Album DOLORIAN / SHINING (2003) (buy at
Through Corridors Of Oppression

From the Album Angst...Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie (2002) (buy at
Angst...Självdestruktivitetens Emissarie

From the Album Livets Ändhallplats (2001) (buy at
Livets Ändhallplats

From the Album Within Deep Dark Chambers (2000) (buy at
Within Deep Dark Chambers

From the Album Submit To Selfdestruction (1998) (buy at
Submit To Selfdestruction
Endless Solitude
Submit To Self Destruction

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