Because You Are No Other Lyrics by Saves The Day

Saves The Day Lyrics

Because You Are No Other Lyrics
I come before you wake
Watching while I wait
There's only one thing left for me to say,
"Tomorrow never come home gotta let go all that you know
you'll never make it out alive unless you go"

No more warning signs
No more shallow lies
I'll dream of you from hell
My love goodbye

I'm fetching all of the rope
Gonna tie you onto this post
You'll never make it out alive
And now you know

When you start to move
I start to cross the room
To give you one last kiss
Before we die

But when I turn to come near
I see myself standing in the mirror
The hollow eyes, The blood I cry
It's all so clear

Now I know that hell has been here
Inside my heart that's swallowed by fear
I fall onto the floor
To pray I disappear

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