PARANOID 2 Lyrics by Sabbath Black

Sabbath Black Lyrics

Finished with my woman 'cause she couldn't help me with my mind
People say I'm insane cause I'm down frowning all the time
Fight just did no good (with/for) you because my mind's all full of hate
Say my mind goes good somewhere with an angel god I promise you.
Somebody help me occupy my brain.
Oh yeah
People say my mind's all full of things I don't know where I go.
Ev'ry thing is happ'ng to me and my mind's all what I know.
Oh yeah
Having someone with my woman cause she wouldn't help me now
Ev'ry thing keeps going wrong because my mind's all full of hate
Ev'ry thing is going bad because my fate is no where here
Now want you to see me smile and then I know I know one thing
OZZY: Thank you very much. Thank you

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