Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 13) Lyrics by R. Kelly

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Trapped In The Closet (Chapter 13) Lyrics
Sylvester and Twan gets in the car
Sylvester says "man first of all, straighten yo hat
Now man I'm about to go holla at somebody and I'm a need you to watch my back"
Then Tawn says, "man you ain't even got to worry bout me, bruh-in-law I'm straight"
Sylvester says "yeah youse straight aight but'cha hot head ass nigga just like when ya caught that case
Tawn says "ah here we go you bringing that shit up, that wouldn't shit but a misdemeanor
Sylvester says "misdemeanor my ass you did three years"
He says "that's because of Roxanne and that bitch Tina"
"Man, yo sister ask me about a Tina"
Tawn say "when I see her I'm a kill her, what did Dwen ask you? "
"She ask me if I knew her, I said she sound familiar"
Sylvester says, "hold up, man what'chu doing? " And then Tawn says "man what'chu mean? "
Then Sylvester says "man is that a cigarette? " Tawn says "man nah this some weed"
Sylvester pulled over saying "nah hell nah, nigga what the f*ck you forget where we are? "
Tawn said "one for the road"
Sylvester says "you crazier than a fish with titties if you think I'm a let'chu smoke that shit up in my car
Now throw that shit out" Tawn looks at Sylvester like he ain't try'na hear that
Sylvester says "throw that shit out" Tawn looks around and say "shit" throws it out
They pulled off and Sylvester says "now this Roxanne and Tina man what's that all about? "
Now while they talk about that, let's head on over to Rosie the noisy neighbors house
She's peeking out her window saying "it's sumthin' going on over there with Burner, Dean and Ted"
Then her husband turns over and says "woman what's wrong with you? Bring yo noisy ass back to bed"
She says "now Randolph, I don't like that tone you taking with me"
He says "ah shut up woman you always in foopin', gettin' folk they privacy"
Then Rosie says "I can look out my gotdamn window whenever I want"
Randolph say "yeah, well what'chu lookin' at? What'chu lookin' at? Hmm? "
Now Rosie and Randolph are arguing screaming at each other loud as they can
Rosie says, "Randolph ain't nobody stunnin' you, so go on back to sleep with your ole grumpy ass"
Then Randolph says "shut'cha ass up woman, shit folk got to get some sleep around here"
Then Rosie says "sleep, shit, mister can't get it up yo tired ass been asleep for the last five years"
"Now watch your mouth woman" "go to hell Randolph, oh you don't tell me what to do"
Can't nobody tell yo ass-" "I'm a grown ass women I can do whatever the hell I wanna do"
"Yeah, yeah... well do it then" "I'm a do it then"
"Do it then" "I'm a do it then" "goin on loe "I'm on loe
"And hope a pigeon fly by here and shit on yo face" " (gasps) " "Oh Lord forgive me for what I was said"
"If it do, if it do, then I'm goin wipe the shit on you"

Now meanwhile between while back to Sylvester and Tawn
They driving along when Tawn says "so man, where we going? "
Sylvester says "man don't worry about that, just be on the lookout and Tawn, ya hat"
"Oh my bad" "gimme a light
"Now when we pull up, you keep the car in driving whatever you do keep on watching"
"Man like I said before, don't trip bruh-in-law, go handle yo business"
"Well I'm about to see if I can get this bitch to talk to me, we made a deal and she owe me some money"
"Man I feel ya G, so call me if you need me"
"Man everything should go smooth"
"Sylvester don't make me have to come up in there and smack me a couple of dudes"
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