Hey Hey Hey Lyrics by Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan Lyrics

Hey Hey Hey Lyrics
Yeah yeah yeah (rich homie baby) I heard dem roomer's like dem bullets they gone spread, and if my money short dem young niggas gone tear down on yo head, and I'm gone run it up and never do no business wit dem feds, I said the way I'm living feels great and I'm like

hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey hey [x3]
hey hey hey

[Rich Homie Quan]
See I'm a nice person, all the hoes speak to me,
recognize that hoe in public, he got that bitch from me,
he clam that hoe ain't thirsty, shitin me, l
I totally disagree, I won that game big history
ain't no commin over, don't interven,
that kush burn her throat, listeren,
and she clam she wanna roll, for energy,
name a place and we can go, jus point you a sin,
stop that beat I ain't playin wit her,
money stuck to my pants pocket,
keep a bank roll rubber band,
I give a f*ck how yo man talk,
I was thought let these bands walk for me,
took my hands off of it, and I lost control,
and imma show you how awesome goes,
we made it when they said it was impossible,


[J Money]
slide through the door and I crack the party,
40 racks and I got it on me,
circuit small nothing but rich homie,
M.E.C. We the most wanted,
she the Nat Nat lil Tony said I don't wanna f*ck all I want is head,
she the bud down but its slick file,
run through the cool shall gangster party,
ball so hard I pulled a splen,
trap house jumpin like trampoline,
I hit a women cause I know they ain't even bout the money it ain't pertaining me,
I'm the big dog hail headhancho,
all about dem nachos,
play around wit my Paso, my goons shootin like Rambo,
lights gray, lights on, f*ck nigga bad bitches on me,
its Rich Homie and J Money, don't f*ck wit fakes no lames up on it,
man f*ck apona they ain't seein me, street nigga to the death of me,
I'm two time like 500 1000 wit it got to keep cheese


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