CASH Money Lyrics by Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan Lyrics

CASH Money Lyrics
[Hook: Rich Homie Quan]
When I was at the bottom, seemed like I would never have nothin'
I done drove all the fastest cars, feeling like a crash dummy
Ain't know I would make it this far, now the haters can't laugh at me
I got so much cash on me
Feeling like Baby, with all this cash money
I got all this cash money, I'm 'bout to throw this cash money
Cash money, feeling like Baby with all this cash money

[Verse 1: Rich Homie Quan]
When I was little, wanted to be a Hot Boy
I remember buying Wayne CD "The Block is Hot" boy
And Juvenile, four hundred degree hot boy
Mannie Fresh he kept it G, every beat had knock boy
I don't f*ck with no police if they in their cop car
All my niggas know I'm G, Rich Homie who they vouch for
If you do not f*ck with me
Why you run your mouth for?
Camaro, I've got bucket seats
Forgiatos mounted up
Hundred thousand count it up
Ran through thousands, that's my girl
A little sense of humor, they say that I don't laugh enough
These niggas got me crackin' up
No joke! They f*ck with me when I'm broke!


[Verse 2:]
Money don't make you real, money make you silent
Money don't mean no deal, money got a young nigga wildin'
Money got family trippin', money got a young nigga hidin'
So much money it comes up missing, cause all my niggas they violent
Cash money, cash money, all I want is cash money
I love numbers
My favorite class was that math subject
Walk around with a half on me
My partner walking with a bag on him
You best believe I got the strap on me
'Cause I don't trust none of y'all niggas
(You niggas snakes)
I bust one of y'all niggas
(Shoot you in your face)
Do voodoo, put a curse on y'all niggas
(New Orleans baby)
Black suit, get a hearse for y'all niggas


[Verse 3: Birdman]
Original, '88 a hot boy
Turn them 80s to 90s, nigga we hot boy
Two pistols niggas two macs on my side nigga
Some real niggas I know nigga put all on their feets boy
Ballin' on that front line
Lord knows, I made sure that my son shine
We some beasts on these streets nigga
And move a hundred bricks a week nigga
Two macs up in that 'lac nigga
Two bitches up in that back nigga
Two bitches up in that back nigga
I'm like f*ck it nigga
Size em up straight buggin' nigga
Hundred things and that back ho
You better ride off, keep stuntin' nigga


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