A Nigga (Future Diss) Lyrics by Rich Homie Quan

Rich Homie Quan Lyrics

A Nigga (Future Diss) Lyrics
I ain't met a Nigga yet, f*ckin with my pimpin
And I ain't met a Nigga yet who could F*ck my bitch
But if I run into that nigga, I'm gon let you know [x2]
I swaim at that Nigga [x2]
That's on my mama Nigga, that's on my mama,
I ain't met that Nigga yet.

[Verse 1:]
1989 big shoutsout to tammy
Nigga that's my mama, it you ain't knew that's who raised me
I was in the school breaking rules misbehavin
Shoutsout to lil dude that's that fool in training
Now I'm in that coupe, with that swoop, and she taking
Dick in her mouth, like them beans got her baking
Brother still go to work daily, gotta thank the lord
Still on my knees praying, my lil sister crazy
Ooh, ooh, I ask the lord to forgive me everyday I sin.
Gotta watch these F*ck niggas the mo money, crazy it gets
Gotta keep that yacht running this pump shit heavy expense


[Verse 2:]
I'm back like the future Nigga, quan you da future
Tellem don't confuse me with future Nigga
Pockets fat rasputia Nigga,
I'm in dat coupe, yea dat zoom, the coolest in da room
Jumpin up make the neighbors feel it under us
We comin up, cuz a Nigga came from nothing bruh
Know its something cuz everybody got they own tray
One kingdom, one crown, one king, one queen, one prince, one princess, one side
No fences, no pride, no nuts, no glory
And I'm be in my chair saying...


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