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Burn The House Lyrics
[Verse 1: Detail]
Oh I know we started wrong
Wish the things I said were gone
More than I can still make love to you
Leave our towels in the bathroom
Pictures in the living room
Dishes in the kitchen

Girl let's just
Burn this house down
Leave everything inside of it
Burn this house down
Oh oh oh
Burn this house down

It'll never be the same (same)
Let's burn our house down (down)
Leaving everything behind
Let's burn this place down

[Verse 2:]
Call the driver, girl let's go
Me and you done did that
I f*ck bitches for fun
You f*ck niggas just to get back
Girl you keep my blinkers on
Don't you pull me over baby
Always [?] that kitty home
Sexy send over said menu baby get your order on
F*ck me after I get in
I call it get yo live on
We done been through gold plates, glass plates, even paper plates
I hate dates
We do dates to set the record straight
Never going, going, going back home
Strike these matches up and leave that bitch alone

Oh I know we started back
Leave everything inside
Burn this house down
Oh oh oh yeah
Burn this house down


[Verse 3:]
Ain't nothing little
Quick to be on your own
Quick to be left all alone
Where you going
Where the f*ck you going
We can burn the past, never regret it
Crib got solar panels
Let the f*cking sun get it
Now we rolling premium
No need for pumping unleaded
F*ck you when you mad
But somehow I never upset it
Bee sting tits
I make em bigger
Get yo tits fixed (shit)
Ain't no risk, jennifer aniston got the same tits (shit, damn)
Never going, going, going back home
Strike these matches up and leave that bitch alone

[Verse 1]


Writer: Rasool Diaz, Bryan Williams, Brian Soko, Andre Proctor
Copyright: Lyrics © Money Mack Music, Songs Of Universal Inc., Warner-tamerlane Publishing Corp.
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