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Angel Lyrics
Talk to me baby, tell me who I am
Tell my nigga I said what's up, when you get a chance
Tell my bitch I said what's up, when you get a chance
She said when can you do it, we can do it when you can
Girl I'm all about the angels
Come down from heaven, you angel
Pop that pussy every angle
I swear I love my angel, my angel

[Verse 1: Mystikal]
You might not believe me, think that I'm trippin', but nigga I saw angel
I did, I did, that trip was big, I mean she was off the chain
I wasn't stalkin' but couldn't stop lookin', like she called my name,
Man if I get a chance she might notice I'm fly like I'm off the plane
I'm aimin' my move, you know what I mean,
In order to be sacreligious, to look like them religious jeans
Blame her mother, but don't tell her dad
Bitch have got a, heavenly body, but one hell of an ass

[Verse 2: Jae Millz]
Hold up, wait a minute
Let me put some Millzy in it
Ain't no hands inside her body, but I bet she feel me in it
That bathroom in danger when we desoliving anger
I work her ass out so good she got rid of her trainer
Talk to me, bad bitches they honk to me
She a TV-shot non-stop now watch that pussy walk to me
F*ck 'em all girl, we gon' make them sweat
Our top down and it ain't even at webby yet, so


[Verse 3: Ace Hood]
Okay now do me like a favour, or do me like a chore
Or do me in your favourite red bottoms, oh Lord
I say my guardian angel, I swear her features a blessin'
She gon' learn today, I taught that pussy a lesson
I beat that up like I just made hell, kiss that pussy whenever do tell
Give her that package, you got mail
When it kind of your love I'll take that [?]
I'm lookin' for you girl, and do shit a molly world
I want a rotten fish, old Tuna spoil you girl

[Verse 4: Gudda Gudda]
She makes that ass clap, like a naughty girl
Introduce you to some better things I can show you girl
Lights on, but take that Prada off, I beat it like a xylophone
No phones, but I can be the one that you're calling on
Talk to me baby, walk with me baby
Then we can take a long ride in this charcoal Mercedes
I'm the boss you my lady
You keep it wet, I go underwater swimming
I be a shark for you baby


[Verse 5: Mack Maine]
Man I got pussy from my angel, head from my angel
I spent a night in heaven, me and Elvis split a Mango
She had that aquafina mermaid wet wet
I heard the love gods hollerin' out, "Man, we got next"
Her physique is unique like the clothes from boutique
Hit that ass 'til she peak and can't speak
She got wings on that pussy, she's so f*cking fly
And everybody say she's dope, but this another high

[Verse 6: Birdman]
Talk to me baby my lady and my friend too
Notice flower bomb the scent when she breeze through
Bitches hatin' cause we sitting on top
When you walk the block the traffic stop
The 2-seater that I copped, that's for me and you
Drop the top back, your hair breezing through
I lay my stunt down proper, top shotter original [?]

Writer: Raphael Judrin, Pierre-Antoine Melki, Yoan Chirescu
Copyright: Lyrics © Artist Publishing Group West
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