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From the Album Beautiful Goodbye (2014) (buy at
Beautiful Goodbye

From the Album Christmas Spirit (2012) (buy at

The Christmas Song
Christmas Spirit
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day
Let There Be Peace On Earth
O Come All Ye Faithful
Little Drummer Boy
O Holy Night
What Child Is This
Silent Night
Christmas Mornings
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
White Christmas
Blue Christmas (Bonus Track)
Silver Bells (Bonus Track)
Jingle Bell Rock (Bonus Track)
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas (Bonus Track)

From the Album Inside My Head (2012) (buy at
Inside My Head
Had Enough
Wouldn't Let Me Love You
Like Heaven
On The Inside
Through My Veins
Always On Your Mind
Come Running
All Over Me
Done To Me
Over My Head
Part Of Me
Don't Mean Nothin'
Should've Known Better
Endless Summer Nights
Keep Coming Back
Take This Heart
Hold On To The Nights
Too Late To Say Goodbye
Right Here Waiting
When You Loved Me

From the Album Night Out With Friends (2012) (buy at

Endless Summer Nights
Keep Coming Back
One Thing Left
Through My Veins
When You Loved Me
You're A God
Hold On To The Nights/Now & Forever
This I Promise You
Always On Your Mind
The Letter
Save Me
Should've Known Better
Right Here Waiting
Take This Heart
Over My Head
When You Love Me
Better Life
Wouldn't Let Me Love You
To Where You Are
The Way She Loves Me
Don't Mean Nothing

From the Album The Christmas EP (2011) (buy at
The Christmas EP
Christmas Spirit
O Holy Night
Silent Night
I Heard The Bells On Christmas Day

From the Album Stories To Tell (2010) (buy at
Stories To Tell
This I Promise You
Had Enough
To Where You Are
On The Inside
Never Take Me Dancing
The Best Of Me
When You Loved Me

From the Album Sundown (2008) (buy at
Have A Little Faith
First Time Ever I Saw Your Face
To My Senses
Wild Horses
Can't Stop Crying
And I Love Her
Always On Your Mind
In This All Alone
Everything I Want
Ordinary Love

From the Album Emotional Remains (2008) (buy at
Emotional Remains
From The Inside
Better Or Worse
Part Of Me
Through My Veins
Save Me
Come Running
Flame In Your Fire
When November Falls
Take You Back
Over My Head
Done To Me

From the Album My Own Best Enemy (2004) (buy at
My Own Best Enemy
Nothin' Left To Say
When You're Gone
One Thing Left
Love Goes On
Ready To Fly
Everything Good
The Other Side
Someone Special

From the Album Days In Avalon (2000) (buy at
Days In Avalon
Days In Avalon
Someone Special
Almost Everything
The Edge Of Forever
Power Of You And Me
One More Time
Waiting On Your Love
More Than A Mystery
Boy Next Door
Too Early To Be Over
Straight From My Heart

From the Album Flesh And Bone (1997) (buy at
Flesh And Bone
Fool's Game
You Never Take Me Dancing
Touch Of Heaven
What's The Story
Can't Lie To My Heart
Until I Find You Again
My Confession
What's Wrong With That
The Image

From the Album Paid Vacation (1994) (buy at
Paid Vacation
The Way She Loves Me
One More Try
Silent Scream
Nothing To Hide
Soul Motion
Now And Forever
Goodbye Hollywood
Heaven's Waiting
Nothing Left Behind Us
What You Want
One Man
Baby Blues

From the Album Rush Street (1991) (buy at
Rush Street
Playing With Fire
Love Unemotional
Keep Coming Back
Take This Heart
Hands In Your Pocket
Calling You
Ride With The Idol
Streets Of Pain
I Get No Sleep
Big Boy Now
Chains Around My Heart
Your World

From the Album Repeat Offender (1989) (buy at
Repeat Offender
Nothing You Can Do About It
Too Late To Say Goodbye
Right Here Waiting
Heart On The Line
Real World
If You Don't Want My Love
That Was Lulu
Wait For The Sunrise
Children Of The Night

From the Album Richard Marx (1987) (buy at
Richard Marx
Should've Known Better
Don't Mean Nothin'
Endless Summer Nights
Lonely Heart
Hold On To The Nights
Have Mercy
Remember Manhattan
The Flame Of Love
Rhythm Of Life
Heaven Only Knows

Other Songs:
All Over Me (from "Inside My Head" compilation)
Another Heaven
At The Beginning (from "Anastasia" OST)
Bring It On Home
Burning Of The Heart
Can't Help Falling In Love
Chaque Jour De Ta Vie (french version of "Everyday Of Your Life")
Edge Of A Broken Heart
Haunt Me Tonight
Heart Of My Own
I'm Never Gonna Fall In Love Again
Just Go
Like Heaven (from "Inside My Head" compilation)
Miami 2017
Scars (from "Inside My Head" compilation)
Slipping Away
So Into You
Surrender To Me
Take It To The Limit
Teacher I Need You
Thanks To You
The Power Inside Of Me (from "The Mirror Has Two Faces" OST)
Thunder And Lightning
When Love Is All You've Got
Wouldn't Let Me Love You (from "Inside My Head" compilation)
You'll Never Be Alone

Richard Marx Info:

Richard Marx is an American adult contemporary and pop/rock singer, songwriter, musician and record producer. He has sold over 30 million records world wide. -Wikipedia

Birth name:
Richard Noel Marx

September 16, 1963 (age )

Born In:
Chicago, Illinois, U.S.

Highland Park, Illinois, U.S.

Pop rock, adult contemporary, soft rock

Cynthia Rhodes (m. 1989)
(singer of Animotion)

Brandon, Lucas and Jesse

Singer-songwriter, musician, record producer

Vocals, keyboards, organ, piano, guitar

Years active:

Associated acts:
Keith Urban
Luther Vandross
Dick Marx
Matt Scannell

Did You Know:
• He was the first solo artist to have his first seven singles hit the Top 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 singles chart

• He has had a song he wrote or co-wrote in the top charts in four different decades.

Richard Marx Awards:
Grammy Award for Song of the Year - Dance with My Father

Richard Marx Quotes:
As a songwriter, there's nothing better than winning Song Of The Year. But I couldn't really celebrate, because it wasn't right. Luther wasn't standing next to me, to receive the award.

But more importantly, I think he remembered how very close I was with my own dad, who had died in 1997.

But once you have some success in one style, the business wants to lock you in that vein forever.

I don't think it is pressure but I am aware sometimes, especially on this new album, that people were going to really pay attention.

I love when people get songs wrong. I love when people take something from a song that's totally not what I intended!

I think I do better when things are a little tougher.

I've never written a song that I thought was a hit.

I've never, ever in my life enjoyed playing live the way I am now.

It's funny; Luther and I have written many songs together, but we've never written songs in the same room.

People take songs so literally.

So it was just a case of getting a bunch of songs that I had been writing for years but hadn't recorded together, and the result was My Own Best Enemy.

When things are too easy I lose interest in them so I find ways to complicate them to get myself interested. Richard Marx 

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