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Rev. Milton Brunson Lyrics

He Will Deliver Lyrics

Verse 1:
How many times has the Lord blessed you;
if He hasn't then why do you do
what He does not like you to do?

Ooh (Jesus, with His outstretched hands),
(proves Himself over and over again).

Verse 2:
He may not come when you want Him to,
but He's on time.
When you need Him, He's always there,
there to take you out of your bind

Ooh (and if you need some guidance),
because you really, really love the Lord,
Jesus can help you and He's no short of His word.

May be morning, anytime of the day,
Jesus will do just what He said;
He will deliver you out.

Verse 3:
Just weather the storm, stay in the race,
I know that Jesus may seem so far away.
But when your mind's made up,
and you want to turn, You're gonna go on,
my Jesus He's gonna be there
just before the break of day.

He will deliver,
He will deliver.

He will deliver you out.
Oh, He will deliver you out.
Oh, He will deliver you out.
Oh, He will deliver you out.

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